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United States


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Land & She is a small shop of handmade works, owned and founded by Emily Kelley.

Emily is self-taught illustrator with a BFA degree in graphic design. She started Land & She officially in May of 2016 as a way to spread an awareness and appreciation for our natural lands. All work is made by Emily from her tiny studio just outside of Philadelphia.


My work is rooted in the everyday around me. It's finding the tiniest of inspirations in the patterns of rock formations, or feeling small amongst a vast horizon. It's looking wide eyed at the world and wondering how I can help create something meaningful...

These are the things that keep me curious and looking for more. As the owner and maker for Land & She, I create a variety of works from block prints, to textiles and custom journals. Everyday presents something new, which keeps my work interesting and exciting. For a closer look into my process, check out my Instagram.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your interest.

—Emily xox