on making mistakes and a broken rule turned beautiful

As some of you know, I have a background in graphic design. And in design, there are rules. There are rules to follow and live by and to make sure you are pixel perfect, within the margins, have perfected the art of tracking and kerning...you name it. When I was in design school I loved that. I loved that there were a set rules to work by, and to be within certain parameters for good design. Small type, white space, keep it clean...these are all nice things about design.

But when I make the work I make now, specifically when it comes to block printing, there are no rules. (None that I know of anyway.) Beyond the ways to carve so you don’t stab yourself, or how to clean and store your blocks to keep them lasting. Or even how to draw a tile so that it will repeat to create a pattern. Beyond that, there are really no rules.

So when I do things like misprint a pillow, which I did, yesterday...I immediately gasped thinking what have I done! Then to actually taking a breath and deciding to keep going anyway. To finally realizing that my mistake made the pattern more interesting, and something I would have never tried before. What I considered a mistake before, feels surprisingly intentional and this to me is such a different, but beautiful idea.

Because you know what? We are going to make mistakes in life. All the time. It's just going to happen. And no margin of error or a set of rules are going to keep that from happening. 

There has been so much growth and learning I have done since I started to pursue my own work. If nothing else, it has taught me to live in the present moment and focus on what you are doing right now. Today, right in this moment. I think in todays world we all get so caught up in the what ifs and the feeling like we are missing out. I have to admit I was feeling really down on myself that day until I decided to work on block printing a new pillow, and look what happened. You just never know.

This all may seem really silly, but what I’m trying to say is just live your life. Make mistakes. Make them again. Learn. Grow. Just keep going.

Turns out what I thought was going to be another throw away mistake of a textile, is now probably one of the more better things I’ve made because its a broken rule turned beautiful.

If we want to get even more broad in that idea, I made a mistake printing a pillow...a pillow that I am working on for myself. Because I left the comfort of a full-time job. The biggest rule of all. Don't quit your day job for your day dream. Or so they say anyway.

Yep I broke the rules, and I'm making mistakes all over the place. But I'll keep going anyway.

Keep breaking the rules. Keep challenging yourself to try new things. Don’t think too much about the what ifs and the mistakes you may make. Just try to enjoy where you are right now.

Okay, now its time for me to go make more great mistakes…

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