This is a technique where an artist cuts into a linoleum or rubber block to create a design, and then prints it by hand on paper or another material using ink. I use Speedball brand unmounted linoleum blocks to make all of my carvings. This is the hard gray color blocks, and I use them alongside an iron to heat the block as I carve for a smoother surface. For printing on paper, I use a soy-based ink called Akua that is more earth-friendly than using an ink with a toxic base. What I love about blockprinting is the process. No two prints will ever be exactly the same. You can also use and reuse the linoleum block carving for a long period of time, if stored and cleaned with care. The paper I use is 100% recycled from a family company called French Paper Co. in Michigan. Their papers are sustainably made and consistently beautiful. 

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When I first started block printing, I almost immediately knew that I wanted to start printing on fabrics as well. Sourcing for the proper materials to print on is a challenge, but I knew that I wanted the fabric to feel naturally soft and I wanted it to be a product that was made in USA. Eventually I found a company based in Michigan that creates lovely, high quality textiles and fabrics ready to translate into printable goods. The ink I use for all of my textiles is Speedball brand block printing fabric ink (comes in a 2oz tube in a variety of colors).

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In addition to creating prints and textiles, I also make custom journals for a variety of needs. I started making my own journals when I was going through sketchbooks like crazy, and wanted a notebook that I could write down my ideas. It's been exciting to see the places these journals have since traveled to. Each are 100% handmade, and I collaborate with businesses and customers to create unique block printed covers. They are made from French Paper, as well as soy block printing ink and linen string to sew the pages together. 


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