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United States


Inspired by the beauty of our natural lands.
Made with love by Emily Kelley.  


My work is rooted in the everyday around me. It's finding the tiniest of inspirations in the patterns of rock formations, or the way a landscape makes me feel. It's finding comfort in the road less traveled. It's the feeling of being small in a vast horizon. It's looking wide eyed at the world and wondering how I can help create something meaningful. These are the things that keep me curious and looking for more. While I mostly work in a simple color palette, it's the patterns and details in my work that I find the most joy in expressing. I love making work that puts in time and effort to show an appreciation for the magnificent lands around me.

As the owner and maker for Land & She, I create a variety of works and projects on a daily basis, from block prints and drawings, to custom logos and journals. Everyday is something different, which keeps my work interesting and exciting. I especially love when I get to collaborate with like-minded folks and work on projects that challenge me.

For an even closer look into my process and day to day life for Land & She, be sure to check out my Instagram, or see below for a quick sample of my work. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your support.  —Emily xox



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