Hi, my name is Emily, and I started Land & She in 2014 as just an idea on paper, and then officially in June of 2016 when I took the leap to pursue this work as a business. I create illustrations, prints, textiles, journals and collaborate with individuals and businesses for custom work. Everyday is different, which keeps my work interesting and exciting.

Land & She originally first became an idea in my head while traveling through the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I had never before seen such amazing landscapes from the woods of Mt. Hood, to the coastal region of Oregon. We explored caves, hot springs, accidentally locked my friend and myself out of our car between somewhere and nowhere and climbed waterfalls and cliffs that changed my life. As I was standing on the shore of Short Beach in Oregon, I knew that as soon as I got home I would somehow plan a way to feel more fulfilled in my own work. Combining my love for nature, as well as drawing and creating work by hand, the concept for my business was born. That, and also finding the name "Land & She" scribbled in one of my old sketchbooks that I had subconsciously written down one day. 


What originally began as primarily a portfolio of illustration and digital work, Land & She has taken many shapes over the years, from drawing doodles to making journals and block printing textiles. However, two things have always remained true for my business. One, is my passion for any work that I decide to make and two, is the positive impact I want it to leave. As a proud member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, all of my materials are sourced from small businesses in USA and created using earth-friendly processes. At years end, a profit of my sales will be donated to wildlife and environmental organizations.

My overall mission with Land & She is to create meaningful work that is made with a real intention and purpose. My hope is to change the way we think about the environment and the way we see material goods. One of the beautiful things about life is the opportunity to live it simply and meaningfully. With that in mind, I make and ship one-of-a-kind, small-batch items and collaborate with like-minded people and businesses on freelance projects that are as unique and special as the lands around me.