5 Reasons to Stop Overthinking

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How many times do you stop throughout the day to wonder if things in your life could be different, that you could be different? Usually, this is triggered by seeing something someone else is or has, and we want the same. I could be them! I could have what they have! Why don't I have those things? What am I doing with my life? And the overthinking goes on and on. 

Overthinking just creates frustration and exhaustion 

Here are 5 reasons to stop overthinking and to combat it once it starts creeping in:

1. Take stock of what you are grateful for
-Put the ice cream and sad songs down. Look around. Your life is probably so full of beauty and amazing things! Be grateful for what you have. 

2. Realize that what you have now was once a goal for you
- Remember when you had dreams of graduating college, or getting that great first job, or having your own place? Chances are whatever that dream was you probably have it by now, and have started on another chase for something more. Take a second and realize you achieved things you once only dreamed of.

3. Your path is not someone else's path
- The grass is not always greener! Everyone has things in their lives that are not so great. No one is perfect. Not one single person on this planet has it all. Not even Beyonce. So please, be yourself. Walk into your light and shine for the world to see. Your path is totally right for you. You got this.

4. Being happy arrives when you stop looking for the next best thing
- If we keep waiting for the next thing to arrive that will make us feel happier, safer, calmer, and better about ourselves, we are neglecting everything around us at the same time. Be present in today. The sun comes up once in a day and then leaves until tomorrow. Honor it by feeling its rays and living for today. Step into happiness.

5. You are here, and beautiful, and alive 
- Lastly, remember that we are here! The most amazing thing out of life itself is that it created you. And you get to be here! There is no right answer. Be beautiful, be alive. You are enough. 

You got this.

Stay curious and explore the unknown.

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