Wild Unknown

Land & She is a one-woman art studio and shop run by Emily Kelley. We are a small shop, but a thoughtful one, rooted in nature and inspired by the unknown.

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Block Prints

Block printing is the process of which I carve into rubber blocks, ink them with a roller, and press them by hand onto earth friendly paper. Each print is unique, but beautiful all the same.

Digital Art Prints

To bring some color into my work, I illustrate digitally by hand on my iPad. These works are then printed on 100% recycled paper for your home.


My detailed line drawings, which begin as original works on watercolor paper and sketchbook pages, are then digitally rendered into art prints for your home.



Get to know Land & She a little bit more! I post new work, process videos, and talk one on one with customers. 

Shipping Update

At this time, we will only be mailing within the U.S. and Canada due to the pandemic. Apologies for any inconvenience.