Art Prints

Art Prints

 Digitally hand-drawn art, printed on premium matte paper. Sizes 8x8 or 8x10... 



Durable  •  Waterproof  •  Dishwasher-Safe  •  Scratch-Resistant  



100% Cotton • Art by Land & She • Crafted in Colorado... 

Made with nature in mind.

My mission is to make nature-inspired pieces that evoke peace, pause and reflection. If I can infuse these feelings into our busy lives, if only for a moment, I will have done my job. Thank you for being here, and I hope you enjoy the work.

Meet Emily

My art is rooted in nature and a desire to create something meaningful in life. What began as drawings scribbled in the pages of notebooks, expanded to a shop of original prints and goods. Emily grew up in the woods of PA, a daughter of an environmental science teacher and a horse-trainer. She currently resides and works just outside of Philadelphia in a 100 year old carriage house with her pup Maggie.

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  • "The prints are so beautiful and look great in my home. This is my second purchase from Land & She, and both times have been great."

    -Alexandra K.

    Hummingbird At Night Print 
  • "The stickers are lovely! The quality of paper and color are excellent. They will go onto water bottles where they will be enjoyed daily!"

    -Tess O.

    Shop Stickers 
  • "This is so pretty in person. I bought it thinking I’d wear it as an actual bandana, but now I’m going to use it as a wall hanging instead. The teal is really lovely."

    -Alicia L.

    Luna Moth Bandanas 
  • "Amazing product, great quality! Exactly what I was looking for! Fast and efficient shipping! 100% would buy again!"

    -Kate M.

    Pine Bear Bandana 
  • I'm so lucky I got one of the very few prints, signed by the artist! I honestly feel that these prints will increase value over time, they are so limited and unique. Mostly, these prints are BEAUTIFUL!

    -Benjamin G. 

    Bison Skull Print 
  • I’ve been dying to buy one of these prints for so long, and I’m so happy I finally did! The print is beautiful, and Emily even included a small postcard sized print with my order :)

    -Emilie J.

    Blooming Bison Print 
  • I love this print so much and also appreciated the hand written note from the artist.

    -Mariah P.

    Terra Cotta Bison Print 
  • I love Emily’s art. I have multiple pieces around my house and always want more. She is so intentional with her work and makes every piece feel unique.

    - Katie J.

    Saguaro Mini Print, Gold Moon 
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Flight Snowboard Collaboration

I teamed up with fellow PA-based brand Gilson Snow to bring you a Limited Edition All Mountain Hybrid Camber Snowboard. Made in USA.

Shop the Flight Snowboard

Thank you Gilson Snow for this feature about myself and my art.

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