The Artist

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Emily and I am a predominately self-taught illustrator and block printer with a degree in graphic design from Tyler School of Art. I work out of my studio/home that's based in Jenkintown, PA and began Land & She in May of 2016. Land & She is a passion-project that turned into a full-time art career and one-woman shop. A few words of inspiration:

My work is rooted in the world around me. It's finding the tiniest of inspirations in the patterns of rock formations, a starry sky, or feeling small amongst a vast horizon. These are things that keep me curious and looking for more.

The philosophy for Land & She is the belief that handmade work, while it may take longer to produce, ultimately creates a stronger connection and value from the artist's hands to the customer's home. My work is created through slow moments of self reflection, curiosity, and a connection to nature. Thank you for supporting my art!

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